What's Standing In Your Way?

We Have a Coaching Package to Meet Your Budget, Schedule and Location.

I know…I know…sometimes life gets in the way of doing the things we need for our self. That’s why I’ve made it super simple for you to throw out the excuses and join me on the journey to reveal yourself to yourself.
<b> What's Standing In Your Way? </b>
  • #1 TIME

    It’s just 1 hour out of your entire life!

    That’s the length of the average coaching session. You have the option of taking one-off virtual sessions or committing to a more intensive coaching package which can range from 3 to 9 sessions, depending on the program.


    Join from the comfort of your home!

    All coaching sessions are facilitated virtually via ZOOM, a video conference platform that is accessible on all devices.

  • #3 COST

    This is an investment in your greatness!

    We offer coaching for as little as $19.99 and some of our packages can be paid in installments.



40 - Days | 6 – Sessions | 1 – Goal
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It's You Against You!

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Atlanta, GA

Sarah V.

Atlanta, GA

Tracey’s passion is to inspire, to teach, to share — to empower. Her presentations are based on rock-solid research, humor and practical, useful truths. Her passion is evident in everything she does and so her sessions are always relatable, uplifting and inspiring.
Atlanta, GA

Vicki C.

Atlanta, GA

Coach Tracey helped me to gain clarity in navigating the path to accomplishing my goal of self-actualization. She guided me through unearthing the answers within myself which enabled me to start trusting myself to look within and not depend on others to give me the answers or validate my answers. A great teacher helps a student find the answers, instead of giving him/her the answer. Coach Tracey helps people find the answers and teach them how to do it on their own.
Atlanta, GA

Aisha H.

Atlanta, GA

Recently, I have been doing a lot of “self” work, with the help and direction of a life coach. The one principle that slapped me in the face “Everything is temporary. Overthinking is a result of not letting go.” I am blessed to be so self-aware, but letting go of things can be tough because I am in “people pleasing” recovery. If you want to embark on this journey, I highly recommend Tracey Knight and her You Revealed series.
 Dallas, TX

Valli J.

Dallas, TX

As a life success guru, Tracey pushes women and entrepreneurs to live limitlessly and to create a vision for their life and/or business that will propel them toward becoming the woman they are meant to be! Her workshops are transformational, explosive and leave you feeling ambushed by motivation and held captive by opportunity!
Nashville, TN

Lisa M.

Nashville, TN

Tracey Knight is a visionary and strategist allowing her own journey that she shares to empower those who seek to understand self and others. She is consistently focused on self-discovery and uplift to ensure the possibility of gaining the most life has to offer.
 Washington, DC

Dwayne C.

Washington, DC

Tracey Knight is an incredible teacher and motivator with a keen sense of self that creates a great learning and spiritual environment.

On Demand Coaching

60-min Coaching Sessions

On Demand Coaching

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On Demand Coaching

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60-min pre-recorded. Coaching Sessions on topics related to mastering money, love, sex, health, career, entrepreneurship, self love, and more.
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<b> On Demand Coaching </b>