It’s You Against You

40-Principles to Help You Master Your Life and Win at Being You.

It is easy to feel out of control in this fast-paced world of too much work and too little sleep; too much technology and too little real connection. We spend our lives outside ourselves, frantically checking off items on our to-do list, trying to please others, and wondering why we feel unfulfilled and exhausted. A joyous, fulfilling life is not only possible, it is our birthright. We just need a roadmap to get there. That’s what Coach Tracey Knight provides in her program, “It’s You Against You: 40 Principles to Help You Master Life and Win at Being You.” This 40-day journey will jumpstart your journey to self-acceptance, self-love, and ultimately, self-mastery.

 Self-mastery requires practice and is lifelong work. Tracey guarantees that if you make the decision to prioritize yourself, get support, commit to daily practices and being resilient, you will feel more confident, clearer about your direction and how to get there. You will know how to take back your power and win at your own life. How does she know this? Because they are the same principles she has used to completely remake her life. 

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